We are honored that you have chosen to celebrate your loved one who had a deep connection to the ocean/nature through the One Last Wave Project. To date we have released seven surfboards, honoring 12600 beautiful lives. My hope is that the project continues to bring peace to those grieving and inspires you to share it with those around you. 

Submissions are always free, however, if you would like to support the project and the work we do, you can do so by visiting The OLWP Shop where you can personalize an item with your loved one's name and help fund a surfboard for future families. Please visit our FAQ for so some of the most commonly asked questions.

Follow these guidelines if you wish to have your submission approved.

Submissions for Board #8 in the sunshine state of Florida are now open. There are thousands trying to participate, please limit your submission to a MAXIMUM of 3 individuals and follow these steps:

1) Provide only their FIRST and LAST name or simply a nickname. No middle names as this helps us provide space to fit everyone loved one so we ask you to please respect it. 

2) A very brief story about their love of the ocean/nature if you choose and where you are submitting from (optional).

3) Please email your submission to 

***There is NO cost to submit your loved one.***

Note: I read every submission and respond personally so it may take a moment to get back to you but I promise I will!