Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit my loved one to the project? 

When you are ready to honor your loved one through the One Last Wave Project, you can submit there name and story here or click the Submissions tab in our navigation menu.

How long does it take for a board to be completed? 

The process in creating these works of art is a detailed one. Each board is hand-shaped and glassed, which can take 2-3 months depending on the schedule of the shaper. Then there is another week or so for the 2000+ names to be etched onto each board. After that they are given sealing coats to protect the names which can take another week or so depending on the location/climate. After that there is weather and waves to contend with. That's a whole lot of variables that make the timing of each launch unpredictable. The best estimate on turnaround time is 3-4 months, however, we recommend following the social media accounts for more up-to-date information about each board's progress. As soon as we have one we will always share it with the community there. If you see no update then unfortunately there isn't one just yet. Be patient and help support others by joining in on the community posts.

Can you send me an image of my loved one when the board is ready?

Due to the sheer number of submissions the project receives, we are unable to send individual images to each family. However, whenever a board is completed there will be professional images and video posted on all the social pages as well as the website so please follow those first and have a look through to get a sense of what your loved one's board media will be like. Once completed, if after looking through all the picture/videos thoroughly you still can't find your loved one please do e-mail us and we will do our best to help look. 

What happens to the boards? Can I buy it after it is completed?

Unfortunately, the boards are not for sale for a few reasons. Firstly, OLWP is an active memorial of our loved ones and as such the boards continue to be surfed. While it is "one last wave", the idea is to keep the boards in the water to keep the memories of our loved ones alive. Secondly, because of all the names on the board it would not be fair to sell them off to one family.

Is there an official launch date? How can I see the board in person? 

There isn't an official attended launch for the boards. As soon as they are ready we have a surfer take them and your loved ones out into the waves in a peaceful way to allow them to be honored in the place they loved. We know it is important for many of your to see the boards and we are always more than happy to show them to anyone visiting their locations. Please reach out via e-mail to find out where your loved one's board might be and we can coordinate so that you can see them and even take one out for a paddle. Eventually, we may display all the boards in one location for an event viewing opportunity, however for now they reside in the locations they were launched.

Have you ever thought about building a board specific to one cause?

We often get asked if we would consider creating a board that is specific to one cause. While we certainly understand the desire to do that, OLWP has always been about inclusivity. Each of our boards carries the names of people and pets from around the world who have passed for various reasons and we would never want to deny a family who wanted to honor their loved one on any particular board.

What is the QR code and how can I use it to find my loved one?

The QR code on each board, developed by Surf Neutral, can be scanned with your phone, which will direct you to the board's website with a list of all the loved ones names on that board. The names are in alphabetical order on that website to make it easier for you to find them in the list. However, that order doesn't translate onto the board. They are written in order they were submitted so you'll still have to examine the images/videos posted to find them once you know the board they are on. 

Supporting the Project and the One Last Wave Project Shop?

It has and will always be free to submit your loved one to the project. However, if you would like to support the project and help pay-it-forward to allow others to honor their loved ones, the best way to do that is through the Shop. Please note that all items are printed on demand according to your specifications and because of that it is important to review the sizing chart below each product as well as the return policy before placing your order to make sure it is exactly what you want to help support the project.

If you have any further questions you can always use our contact form or e-mail us at